Academic Visit to SEBI

Start Date: 
Monday, 26 March 2018
Start Time: 
(All day)
SEBI Office - Jaipur

Visit to SEBI

The Department of Accounting and Taxation of the University has organised a visit to Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), Jaipur on 26th March,2018 for B.Com. Honours Professional students namely, CA, CS and ACCA students.  

The coordinators of the visit are “ CA Priya Jain” and “CA Nikhar Goyal”. The educational session was conducted by Mr. Rajesh Kumar, Manager of SEBI, Jaipur, at the training hall.

The session was aimed on SEBI working, guidelines, regulations and norms. SEBI is an autonomous quasi-judicial body that regulates the securities exchange and commodity exchange transactions in the market. The securities traded in the stock market includes shares, debentures, bonds, warrants, mutual fund schemes, gold etc.

Currently, about 4-5% people engage in stock market transactions. The principal reasons for low participation are lack of awareness, less risk takers and tax policies. It can be observed that after the declaration of budget for the year 2018, the market observed a downfall. Due to re-application of Long Term Capital Gains(LTCG) Tax, there is a bearish trend in the market.

SEBI has introduced Basic Service DematAccount (BSDA) in which the interested first time investors can maintain a zero balance account and no annual account management charges will be charged from them. It is a great initiative to promote trading in securities. Apart from this, SEBI has also initiated other steps to promote trading and to protect the investor’s interest. It has made sure that the transactions are to be routed through registered channel rather than unregistered. By this, the violation of interest of investors and the safety of the funds invested.

SEBI as a body was Incorporated in the year 1988. It was just like the watchdog of the Government. It can warn the companies but was not given any powers to take any action against them. Due to this the many companies started exploiting the investors. The investors started losing their faith in the market. Hence, in the year 1992 SEBI was given the powers to control the market and take action against the fraudulent practices by the companies. It was given the authority to award civil punishments to the companies involved.

SEBIhas prohibited certain activities, such as Insider Trading, Dabba(Unregistered Terminal) Trading, Circular Trading etc. It has also introduced its complaint redressal portal where the grievances of investors are taken care of.

The students were shown presentation and several clips related to investor awareness and general guidelines. The trading terminal and its process was also shown to the students of BSE Online Terminal (BOLT) and National Exchange Automated Trading (NEAT). The various career opportunities in the field of stock management was also enlightened during the session. The students got to know about Application Supported By Blocked Amount (ASBA) transactions.

In a nutshell, it was an informative and educational session. The students got an opportunity to learn about the regulation authority of the stock market and the need to be an aware investor.